Tropical fish feed / Flower Horn
  • Product NO.
  • A587M
  • Applicable species
  • Flower Horn
  • Guarantee ingredient
  • Ingredients Ingredients
    protein 43%↑ fat 4%↑
    fiber 4%↓ Moisture 9%↓
    Ash 15%↓ size 3-3.6mm
  • Series
  • Alife
  • Description
  • 1.This product is specially developed for Flower Horn and most Cichlid species to improve overall shape and brighten sparkle dots on fish body as well.
    2.This product uses natural color enhancing elements such as Astaxanthin and krill to help your fish develop its most bright and beautiful colors after 2 weeks of feeding.
    3.This product is also good to gain the color back when the fishes' color is fading due to change of water.
    4.This product contains Vitamins C,E, enzymes and immune substance. The balanced nutrition helps to maintain beautiful shape, growth and keeps your fish healthy.
    5.Our high quality control of this product helps to create a cleaner and stable water environment for your fish.
  • Package
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    A587M Medium Pellet 450g (24 bottles/box) A587MA587M │ Medium Pellet 450g (24 bottles/box)
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