Tropical fish feed / Guppy & Mini Tetra
  • Product NO.
  • A045F
  • Applicable species
  • Guppy & Mini Tetra & Miniature Fish
  • Guarantee ingredient
  • Ingredients Ingredients
    protein 40%↑ fat 4%↑
    fiber 4%↓ Moisture 9%↓
    Ash 15%↓ size 0.5-2mm
  • Series
  • aquaMagic
  • Description
  • 1.Small flake, suitable for all kinds of small or medium size tropical fish.
    2.Using natural color enhancing element ( such as fresh shrimp and minerals) to help your fish develop its nature bright color.
    3.Special multivitamins, enzyme and other important elements (such as minerals, trace elements) are from any disease.
  • Package
  • Product NO. Package Price Image
    A045F Miniature Flake 70g (48bottles/box) A045FA045F │ Miniature Flake 70g (48bottles/box)
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