Tropical fish feed / Guppy & Mini Tetra &
  • Product NO.
  • HTR060
  • Applicable species
  • Guppy & Mini Tetra & Miniature Fish
  • Guarantee ingredient
  • Ingredients Ingredients
    protein 43%↑ fat 5%↑
    fiber 4%↓ Moisture 9%↓
    Ash 15%↓ size 0.3-0.6mm
  • Series
  • Royal Red
  • Description
  • 1.Small bits, suitable for mini camivorous fish and omnivorous fish such as mini Tetra, Guppy, junior Discus, and little Goldfish.
    2.Natural color enhancing elements to help your fish develop its natural bright colors.
    3.Special immune substance, multivitamins, enzyme, available germ and other important elements are added to ensure faster and balanced growth for your fish. They will also help your fish to have better resistance from any diseases.
  • Package
  • Product NO. Package Price Image
    HTR060 Micro Granule 70g (48bottles/box) HTR060HTR060 │ Micro Granule 70g (48bottles/box)
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