Tropical fish feed / Guppy & Mini Tetra
  • Product NO.
  • HT850S
  • Applicable species
  • Guppy & Mini Tetra & Miniature Fish
  • Guarantee ingredient
  • Ingredients Ingredients
    protein 46%↑ fat 4%↑
    fiber 4%↓ Moisture 9%↓
    Ash 15%↓ size 0.3-0.6mm
  • Series
  • Ever Nature
  • Description
  • 1.Specialized formula for Guppy, Betta, Miniature Fish. Small floating pellets make it easier for fish to eat. Can be used for other Tropical fish.
    2.No chemical element or artificial color added. Your fish grows naturally.
    3.Strictly controlled processing to avoid the contamination of Bacteria and parasites which normally come with infected live food.
    4.Special immune substance added to boots the fish's immune system to resist disease.
    5.Unsaturated fatty acids promotes metabolism and strengthens absorbency of fish. High protein and special Digestive enzyme reinforce the digestive and absorbing ability of fish and maintain water quality.
    6.Sufficient nutrients, vitamins and color enhancing elements provided for the fish's healthy growth and beautiful color.
  • Package
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    HT850S Mini granules Half Floating 75g (48bottles/box) HT850SHT850S │ Mini granules Half Floating 75g (48bottles/box)
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