Tropical fish feed / Blood parrot & cichlids
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  • HTG166
  • Applicable species
  • Cichlids & Tropical Fish
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    Protein 43%↑ Fat 4%↑
    Fiber 4%↓ Moisture 10%↓
    Ash 15%↓ Size 1.8-2.1mm
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    Cichlid & Omnivorous Fish - Healthy & Brighten Formula Feed

    Best Food For Cichlid Species (Such as Red Parrot, Flowerhorn, Golden Severum) & Tropical Fish

    ●9 different type of proteins help to balance the nutrition for optimal health and quick growth.
    ●Astaxanthin, Krill, Spirulina and Canthaxanthin are added to enhance the body color saturation with vibrant brilliant shine to achieve more natural appearance.
    ●Premium Fish Meal, Salmon Oil and Squid Meal contain a large amount of essential amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids to provide nutrition needs for fish, providing excellent palatability.
    ●Adding organic acids and high-fiber Alfalfa can promote intestinal health and maintain excellent intestinal microbiota.
    ●Unique liver-protecting formula: Lecithin, Bile Acids and Cholesterol improves the digestion, absorption and utilization of fat, reduces the probability of fatty liver disease, and keeps the liver in healthy conditions.
    ●Massive amounts of trace minerals are supplement for the necessary elements for fish growth.
    ●Bacillus subtilis natto (BCRC80390) is added to reduce fish waste and maintain the water quality.

    Feed 2-3 times per day, only the amount fish can consume within 5 minutes and please remove the remaining food to maintain water quality. If the fish lose appetite suddenly, please detect the water quality while also observing the health status of the fish. If more than half of the tank water has been changed, do not feed your fish within 24 hours.

    Fish Meal, Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Salmon Meal, Soy Protein, Squid Meal, Krill Meal, Dried Yeast Meal, Alfalfa, Minerals, Vitamins, Bacillus subtilis natto, Spirulina, Salmon Oil, Astaxanthin, Canthaxanthin, Organic Acid, Lecithin, Bile Acids and Cholesterol.

    ★For Ornamental Fish use only! Please keep this product in the refrigerator after opening. Meanwhile please finish it as soon as possible. Our product is made with NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Feed color may differ from raw materials, and will not harm your pets.
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    HTG166 Floating | Small Pellets | 220g HTG166HTG166 │ Floating | Small Pellets | 220g
    HTG169 Floating | Medium Pellets | 480g HTG169HTG169 │ Floating | Medium Pellets | 480g
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