Aquarium Tips

[Fish farming]
Precautions of Heaters
These few days' temperature fell sharply, do not forget to help the fish warm in addition add warm clothing to their own.

The most common way to keep the aquarium warm is to place the heaters.

You can select the appropriate heater for your fish keep warm.

The appropriate time to use the heater is around ember - May next year.

If large temperature difference between morning and evening, the tools should be used for fish.

How to choose the heaters to your aquarium?

Based on the size of the tank, the following reference values:

10L (8 inches) + 30W / 20L + 50W / 25L + 65W / 30L + 75W / 35L + 100W / 60L + 150W / 120L + 200W / 160L + 300W (volume of tank + wattage of heater).

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