How to choose a healthy discus?
  To choose a healthy discus is the only way to raise discus well. So when we purchase discus there are something must be noticed.
  1. Notice the size of eyes! You can realize whether the growth of this fish has been bothered before by ratio of eyes and head.
  2. Never purchase a discus if it hide in the corner of Tank.
  3. The excreta of a healthy discus must be red brown or black. If excreta turned white and transparent, it can be very sure the fish got parasite.
How to choose good fish food?
  1. Smell
    The smell is a^very important factor in determining the quality of any fist-food .Generally, a good fish food has a fresh marine seafood small while the bad ones have no smell or have a rotten smell. The differences are more obvi-ous when you put them in the warm or hot water.
  2. Color
    Natural color of fish food should be yellow ocher or dun which can turn to auburn with the mix of shrimp powder or shrimp red pigment. Pure red fish food is mostly likely the results of using artificial coloring which can be harmful for the health of the fishes.
  3. Taste
    This is another effective method for determining a good fish food. Good fish food has a marine freshness and sweet taste while the bad ones have either no flavor of a bitter flavor or rotten taste.
  4. shape
    The right size floating pellets with minimum powder is good. Less powder is better for preventing water pollution.
  1. Nutrients
    Good nutrition covers both growth and coloring. It takes about a month to have some basic understanding of the effect of the fish food, but it actually takes about six months to really understand the true effect of the fish food. Many artificial coloring fish food may enhance the colors of the fishes in a short period of time, but It's artificial ingredients may actually be very harmful for the liver of the fishes, and thus reduce the health of the fishes. Try to choose fish food with natural ingredients.
  2. Appetite
    There are two easy methods:
    (1)Try to use two different brands of fish food on the two sides of the fish tank and observe which one your fish like better.
    (2)Try to find out if the manufacture produces any fish food for the most difficult Discus or Arowana and their effectiveness.
  3. Water Pollution
    Put the fish food in a glass of water and the water should turn yellowish if the fish food is good. The reason it turns to yellow is that the soluble vitamins are released in the water. There are many quality filtering systems available on the market and it is important to remember not to have too many fish in the tank.
    In order to reduce cost, many fish food on the market today are made by sub-processing manufactures without much research. It is always good to ask your dealer to provide you information on the manufacturer's research and de-velopment.
  1. Choose fish food from a reputable manufacture with good research and dealer to provide you the manufacture's research information on any products you are interested in.
2. Choose high Quality fish food which will enhance the health of your fish over a period of time. Poor quality fish food will make fish stop growing, flatulent or deed due to the unbalanced nutrients or non-fresh material. In order the enhance the color of fishes. Some manufactures would even add hormones in the fish food. Hormones will cause the livers to be harden, the abdomens flatu-lent, the colors faded, the appetite reduced and eventually the death.
3. Choose the right fish food based on quality not price. Today many manu-facturers use artificial coloring for color enhancing, Their price maybe low but their products can be very harmful for fishes. Manufactures usually blame the poor water quality or aqu-arium system.